Quinn provides insight into your team's well-being by analyzing their interactions on Slack.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Quinn?

Quinn analyzes the interactions of your team’s Slack messages and distills it into straightforward insights about your team’s well-being and stress. Quinn aggregates and summarizes the output of those analytics into a report about team-level well-being. Information at the individual user level is never reported, only aggregates of the whole team. This report is sent to those team members who sign up to receive it every week, so they are aware of the state of their work environment.

What exactly is it doing?

Quinn has to be invited to join Slack channels. By default, Quinn joins only the public channels that the admin who enabled it is a member of. Quinn must be explicitly invited to join other public, private, or direct message channels. Quinn scores the messages in all those subscribed channels with text analytics related to stress, burnout, and toxicity. The text analytics are run immediately against the messages in real time as they stream, and only the results of those analytics are stored and indexed. The original content is not saved.

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